Kids Eat Keto

Imagine a happy family where there are no mealtime arguments or meltdowns.  The picky eaters can eat from your menu, and all of you can sit together and enjoy a meal without any conflict.  This is possible!

Get Your Kids On Keto

5 Steps to Creating Keto Harmony at Home... and Overcoming Mealtime Disasters


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Self-Care, Health, and Simplicty

Keto Kids Recipes

Join Kim in the kitchen as she shares Keto meals and snacks for the picky eaters in the houes. 



Alex & Kim team up to share their story and progress on raising a happy and healthy family.


ASD Family Life

Autism at homes can bring challenges.  Alex & Kimbalance through simplicty & diet.


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About our Family

Alex & Kim are a couple in Ontario, Canada, raising three children.  The kids are 13, 11, and 7 years of age.  The family keto diet began in July 2019.

Ketogenic Diet

We are family that follows a keto diet.

Minimalist Lifestyle

We strive to eliminated the clutter in our lives.

Autism (ASD)

We have been raising children on the spectrum for over ten years.

Happy Family

By no means is life perfect, but we keep our family together as best as we can.

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